We bought Peyres Roses in 2000 and us and our four sons, Louis, Charles, Armand and Antoine are the first generation of Vigneron from our family to farm it, althought the vines have been here for over 100 years. Before arriving in Cahuzac sur Vere in the Tarn, we worked within the family distillery business in Normandie.

We choose this particular place on the Plateau Cordais, between Gaillac and Cordes ( country blessed by God) because of its fine soils, good acreage and wonderful position.

I am the expert grape farmer and wine producer and Astrid is in charge of sales, when she is not driving the tractor or in the vines! The land consist of 15 acres of “ argilo-calcaire” soil and south-southeast facing slopes which combined with the famous regional winds produces the ideal conditions for producing excellent sweet white wines.

The 15 acres have 7.7 acres of mature vines. The rest of the land is covered by meadow with natural herbs, truffle oaks and flowers ( some of the herbs are used in the sprays we use on the vines in the springtime).

In 2008 we asked for been awarded an Organic Label ( certification) which was just reward for the work we had put into the land. Our aim is to reach a balance between us the grower and the natural environment.

Our development of the natural biodiversity has both improved the growing conditions and also developed the vines natural resistance to illness and insect pests. This combines to produce an output of over 3000 liters/acres (30 hectoliters/acre) from high quality grapes. Our organic intersts are complemented by the use of our newest recruit to the farm, our horse Pompon, who we use to plough the field! Grapes are picked by hand and only the perfect grapes are used for vine production. This means that the fermentation process can start by using only natural yeasts from the grapes and the cellar.

My work as the viticulturist is to oversee the production, fermentation and maturation of the wine.

When we bottle the wine, we use as little sulfits as possible to ensure your wine travels and keeps as well as it can in your cellar. This process means that a natural light sediment may be seen at the bottom of the bottle.

Our wines are the natural expression of our soil and the perfumes of our land!